We’re a highly communicative team employing some of the best staff in the Triangle and partnering with skilled craftsmen, experienced local vendors, and suppliers. Our process-driven approach to building allows us to not only deliver homes of exceptional quality, but to demonstrate care and expertise throughout the entire experience. 

We work closely with each client to design and build their version of a dream home. From high-end architecture to energy-efficient materials to sophisticated design, no detail is overlooked.


We’re a group of industry professionals who share an unwavering commitment to excellence.

As a North Carolina native and a graduate of NC State University with a civil engineering degree, Tripp founded Loyd Builders, LLC in 2000 based on quality, service, and delivering an unmatched client experience. 21+ years later, the company has been the recipient of a number of awards and accolades directly correlated to Tripp’s commitment to a team approach - from the experienced employees of Loyd Builders to the industry-leading vendor and subcontractor base that Loyd Builders partners with. Shadow Creek Estates represents a long-time vision brought to life, with the same dedication to craftsmanship and high-level service, executed on a larger scale. Tripp continues to remain actively and personally involved in each build. 

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Tripp Loyd |  

Shadow Creek Estates and Loyd Builders

As a North Carolina native and a graduate of NC State University with a civil engineering degree, Tripp founded Loyd Builders, LLC in 2000. Now with 21+ years of experience building high-end homes throughout the Triangle area, he embraced the opportunity to develop the first exclusively Loyd-built neighborhood in the heart of North Raleigh. With a dedication to the overall client experience, Tripp remains actively and personally involved in each build.

Tripp Loyd  | 

Owner & Managing Partner, Loyd Builders


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Timeless Refinement, Classic Sophisticationexperience the craftsmanship of a Loyd-built home. 

A fellow North Carolina native and graduate of NC State University’s College of Management, Christina also brings more than 2 decades of industry experience to the Shadow Creek Estates team. Known and appreciated for her professional, enthusiastic, and caring demeanor, Christina serves as a true advocate and partner to each client. All sales transactions for Shadow Creek are managed in-house by Christina and her team of professionals.

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Christina Valkanoff |

Christina Valkanoff Realty Group Owner & Broker

Walk the property with builder Tripp Loyd and real estate broker Christina Valkanoff as you receive a first-hand overview of the Shadow Creek Estates vision and community.

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